*NTF003* 10 Spot 7.7.17

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Despite being relatively easy to produce, I always try and keep my ears open for producers doing interesting things inside the genre. Sporting a rather bassy mix, this style of electro hip hop is likely where the genre will move in the coming months. Instrumental sampling aside, the intricacy in the hats and the groove keep this short tune more interesting than it’s peers.


asante - looking - July 6th

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Singer ASANTE throws it back to the early 90s on “Looking”. Featuring a slate of interesting sounds, including hand drums, saxophone, trumpet, and a slew of modern synths, ASANTE effectively teaches an old sound some new tricks. Despite the entry-level mixing on this track, the sounds present here are to die for. I’m excited to hear what ASANTE can bring on further releases, maybe with a little more polish.


Emo the optimist - marble - July 6th

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Producer EMO THE OPTIMIST touches on an ICYTWAT sample and remarks on a bleary-eyed reality. The sadboys-tier sound of this track has some serious staying power for most listeners on soundcloud today. The track art is as gorgeous as the track itself, featuring a classic pink and blue color scheme. With an enveloping atmosphere of minimal percussion and strong bass presence, this track leaves little to be desired. As an artistic project, emo is heading in the right direction.


Slowly, slowly - :-) forgot2savethisone :-) - July 6th

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Another short track from QUICKLY, QUICKLY’s second account, “:-)” brings a certain intricacy, not unlike that of Sam Gellaitry. Sporting a rather obvious, shameless UK bass influence, this track has a groove unlike any other track this week. I can’t identify the sample, but it’s mixed so well into the synth stabs. Into the drop, the immaculate drum fills add the intricacy present in most of Sam Gellaitry’s work, indicating once more than Gellaitry’s intricate percussive hits and fills influence even the most lowkey producers. With this unfinished musical idea alone, Quickly, Quickly earns a follower.


inkagn!to - Blacknowlege (prod. boujie) - July 7th

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INKAGN!TO and BOUJIE collaborate for a healthy, modern hip hop track. This track is dense as hell, featuring plenty of samples and interesting percussive elements. But some things that excite me the most are the tiny details of this track. For example, there’s a vape sample in here, with the sound of vape coils being heated, being used where a percussive element might be used. Both BOUJIE and INKAGN!TO have impressed me with their work. I’ll be listening to them both more in the future.


tibe - tibe -purity - July 3rd

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This track from Tibe features some of the most interesting percussion I’ve heard recently. Integrating the Indian Tabla drum and hand drums to the mix, “Purity” cements itself as a semi-tribal track with a modern touch or two, like the gained out claps and the mixed-slightly-too-high kick drum. The interesting cultural elements of this track make it a rather ear catching jam, even though it lacks the finesse, subtlety and polish of its peers.


Mr. yote - bukuburu - July 1st

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On this new track, MR. YOTE wears strong Gorillaz influence on his sleeve, if not to a fault. The pitched rapping and emotional delivery really carry this musical idea forward into relevance. Despite being shorter and more minimal than the other tracks on this list, this track earns it’s spot through the anger and fiery emotion present in the rapping. The pitched echoes and breathing samples create a rather stressful sound, one that leaves me, masochistically, craving a little more.


Omari jazz - sangre - July 1st

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So. Dirty. This grimy release from OMARI JAZZ is a modern classic trip hop track. Featuring elements of the music of Amon Tobin, Massive Attack, Flying Lotus, and Lone, “Sangre” makes me wonder if Trip Hop can make a comeback. The sound design on this spacey, distorted jam really can’t be missed. This is easily the best track this week in my opinion, reaching further and pushing boundaries more than any other artist on this list. (But mostly it just hits me in my sweet spot.)


tendencies - smile again - July 1st

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A dark house track from TENDENCIES? Who would have guessed… Coming from one of Vaporwave’s beloved future funk producers, this track is a little more left field. The minimal and progressive elements present here recollect a dystopia that never happened (yet). Developing the chirpy synths and industrial hits into a purely enveloping world of sound, the EP that this track spearheads isn’t to be missed.


Goon - dna (goon flip) - June 29th

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Remixes of popular rap tracks can go one of two ways: Gold or trash. Goon’s remix of Kendrick’s final emotional bars of DNA easily places it in the former of the two categories. The bass hits and all features present only indicate that GOONs prowess as a rap producer isn’t to be taken lightly. My ears will be closely listening on tracks he produces in the future.

*NTF002* 10 Spot 6.18.17



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Joseph Cochrane, the great mind behind GEOTHEORY, and an 18y/o producer coming out of new york city. He grew up listening to the House and Jungle scene. You can rean an interview from 2014, all about his artistic history from here: http://artisticmanifesto.com/2014/09/01/geotheory-interview/

LUVBOT is a track that embodies the funk in modern futurebeats. The driving sub bass and syncopated synth stabs create instantaneous suspense and release on nearly every beat. This dense jam creates an immersive soundscape deriving from chopped and screwed vocal samples, bird calls, and synth chirps mimicking the same sound. Satisfyingly produced from the ground up with a variety of analog synths, Joseph presents a blueprint for the music he has been releasing for years. With the release of this track, Joseph also released a soundpack in tandem. I’m very excited to see what GEOTHEORY explores as a project in the coming years. Despite Joseph’s history of releasing mainly singles and EPs, I’m looking forward to an album that can showcase his producing prowess.

He has a substantial following, looking at 40k monthly spotify listeners and 44k followers on Soundcloud, but is still fairly underground and relatively independent as an artist. Right now he’s touring with Sam Gellaitry in the chicago area and he is scheduled to appear at the Shambhala Music Festival in Canada this year.

NAO - DYWM (Sam Gellaitry Remix) - Feb 2nd

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Sam Gellaitry returns to the same jazzy sound I’ve come to expect from any of his tracks, but with a simpler twist. This remix comes off of a stellar remix ep featuring fellow futurebeat gods like Kaytranada, SBTRKT, and Mura Masa.

Sam’s typical remix structure is thrown out the window here, with a more organic approach to NAO’s material. Expecting a wall of finely tuned analog synth sound, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this remix is almost entirely comprised of jazzy drum fills and quiet ambient synths in the background. Sam’s choice of minimalism on this track is unsurprising, considering NAO’s strong vocal presence. Sam’s potential to add effortless groove to tracks in general only aids NAO’s already funky sound, creating the most outrageously sexy track this year.


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Beaming with an ironic optimism, NxxxxxS presents a hollow soundscape utilizing trap instrumentals and samples, indicating a deep uncomfort despite the airy and optimistic lead chorus. From his Facebook, NxxxxxS says his inspiration for this song and the rest of the album comes from late 90s and early 00s horror movies, and each song title is a line from one of them. Nostalgia bleeds from this track through it’s walkie talkie beep and siren samples. NxxxxxS is set to release another album this year or early next year, keep your eyes out for this vaportrap starlet.


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This little electro hip hop track by frumhere remarks on a love lost, and a lost love. The atmosphere created by the minimal instrumentals is one to keep an eye on. Throughout the track, an uncomfortable phone call and voicemail sample pops up here and there, breathing life into the instrumental and adding a new angle of emotion. The track art on soundcloud speaks almost as much as the music. A figure, back arched into a second figure, resembling an uncomfortable first kiss makes the song that much more rose-tinted. This nostalgic piece has my eyes on frumhere in the future for more similar releases.

NEGROSAMI - YOU’LL NEVER KNOW (Ft. 1KCAIM) (Prod. astroblk) - June 19th

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On this fiercely dark track, 1KCAIM and Negrosami rap over astroblk’s classically sampled electro hip hop beat, and talk about depression and it’s affect on their lives and their relationships. Specifically, 1KCAIM remarks on his relationships with women, and with drugs; That depression is an ache on his soul that his relationships can only temporarily solve. Despite having a small audience, this track is a very, very strong release. Looking forward to more work from all three of these creators.


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Oshi isn’t one to normally rap, but he creates a simple beat and goes to town. He talks about his abusive relationship with his girlfriend. Coping with an inability to show love, Oshi opens up regarding a tumultuous relationship and the pain that comes with it. This rough cut shows a side of Oshi I’ve never seen before. This side is a lot more depressive and less upbeat than the futurebeats bangers I’m used to hearing from him. I can respect the dynamic production and aesthetic being achieved here, but I’m struggling to find meaning in the simplicity, like with so many other jams. Maybe it’ll take some time to grow on me, but at this point, this track is worth a listen simply because Oshi is putting on a show that his producing prowess isn’t to be ignored.


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As a rather esteemed futurebeats producer, brothel. brings one of the heaviest drops of the year. Oozing with eccojams influence, this oxymoronic ambient banger leaves little to be desired. A manipulated No Doubt sample echoes throughout the track, creating an eerie and empty atmosphere. Looking forward to more production credits from a producer I haven’t heard of before, who seems to have quite the following.

SWUM - AUDI - June 6th

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Taking the edge off of Smokepurpp’s original track “Audi”, SwuM. transforms the song into one with a little more finesse, and a little more taste. Smoothing out the rough edges in the distorted bassy hits of the original, SwuM. adds light rhodes-ey synths and cymbal crashes to fill the gaps where the distortion was smoothed out. Of course, you can’t have a B A N G E R without pitched waves of bass to add emphasis, so those do make an unfortunate appearance, but as far as the production on this track, it’s clear that SwuM. is a professional. SwuM. leaves it all on the field with this one, be sure to hit up the original to catch the intricacies of this remix.

MIRIKL - LET IT OUT - May 19th

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This might be the funkiest electro track of the year. It might not be in line with what else is on this list, but the jazzy synths towards the back of the track truly solidify Let It Out’s place among the other great tracks to come out recently. The light and bouncy synths maintain the edge of a square synth while achieving a remarkable amount of groove. This track is so damn smooth, and features many characteristics of J-pop, french house and the pre-big-room-house days of electro house. Despite being poppy, this track has 750 plays, making this one of my favorite tracks from an up and comer. Keep an eye out for Mirikl if you enjoyed this song and others like it.


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I know this is a little more mainstream than you might expect, but this remix is flame. This remix adds some intense and bassy synth stabs and dubstep-esque wubs and uses them to create groove and tension simultaneously. What makes this remix particularly striking, is its uncanny ability to switch between respecting the smooth vocal and synth performances of the original track and bringing in a darker, fresher, more rough sound to the mix. Overall, an impressive remix. I’d let Slow Hours lay on the back burner for awhile and wait to see if there is more material to follow.