Pennywize by Onoe Caponoe
(Prod. Kung Pao & Glohan)

Dropped: October 31st
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            An interesting step away from his normal lethargic style, KUNG PAO produces a more urgent sound for this Halloween release in collaboration with Glohan Beats. The 170+ tempo and sample selection most likely stem from GLOHANs retro soundtrack-esque vocabulary. With the two producers backing ONOE CAPONOEs underground UK flow, the beats and samples turned out for an enjoyable hard-vapor track. An interesting move by Onoe too, stepping away from some other producers he’s worked with, namely CHEMO whom he produced and entire album under, for a new sound and audience. Just look at his new viewership, had twice as many plays on SoundCloud compered to Spotify and YouTube even though Onoe worked with KVLT OV GAD for the visual portion of the YouTube release --Especially good and experimental work went somewhat unappreciated as viewership fluctuated but the video is certainly worth a watch.

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