Druggie Love by Hersh
(feat. Khari King) [prod. Chris Hurst]


Dropped: October 30th / November 1st
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            Looking back to their prior work, this track soars high above any previous aspirations. After dropping such a successful track as Come just a year ago with 340k+ plays on SoundCloud it seems that HERSH has traded deep production value for wonderful lyricism in Druggie Love. An intelligent choice and hopefully a beneficial one as this track deserves much more love than the former. Although very capable of that big-sounding, high-end production that we often hear in today’s popular R&B scene, CHRIS HURST opts for a more vocally dominant approach, lending attention to their verse and most importantly, their feature artist: This new sound comes very clearly form KHARI KING and his new form of melodic R&B straight out of the modern Atlanta scene. The two mesh very well for a sound that matches even some big names in pure artistry and could, if given enough exposure, blow up.

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Khari King
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Chris Hurst
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