No Going Back - HERSH ft. F1NGER

No Going Back by Hersh
(feat. F1nger) [prod. Chris Hurst]


Dropped: November 29th on STUNNER ENT.

           Today we are extremely excited to present to you a new STUNNER EXCLUSIVE, brought to you by the young mastermind HERSH. Similar step-wise melodies in the vocal lines have been popular and making waves this year. The same melodic patterns that GAMBINO popularized and the same mumble rap flow FUTURE spits show in this feature with the songs engineer, F1NGER and his witty, off-the-cuff verse. As seems regular for the pair, HERSH and CHRIS HURST lace the track with dense lyricism and an equal and deserving production. I would even say that this single shines above their other work in the realm of sharp wordsmithing. The rhyme scheme, flow and metaphor buried in verse is astounding, continually blowing away any competition. With their growing creative reach, and for the listeners sake, we should,(I hope) they continue to explore these concepts in coming albums.

            It is interesting that in this track both verses were a bit extended. And because neither was melodically dense, the listeners mind might wander if not captivated by the lyricism. There is almost always a trade off here but HERSH defintely knows his niche regardless.


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