"The Republic"

“The Republic” - 6/13/2017
By, Alexander M. Lech

 "As citizens to the city,"
 "As members of The Republic,"
 "We live healthy and satisfied,"
He says we live to be bubonic.

Like courageous sheep to the slaughter,
For the idea of our people.
Satisfied with the premise of deprivation,
He built this excess-less nation.

And my individuality not is my own.
My purpose cannot be chosen.
At the will of my work.
I live along the dull rhythm of their motion.

The republic is healthy.
The city is flourishing.
I will not live my life like the wise me before me.
Because they’ve chosen my days with the words that they wrote,
With the words that I read in their books with the hopes.
That their individuality, could maybe for once be my own.

What hurt most was what I hadn’t seen:
We are perpetually, inherently, and inconsolably alone.