The Lie of Society - Living without the noise

The Lie of Society - Living without the noise
By, Unknown

This wonderfully terrible world that we live in is full of broken and incomplete peoples. We ask them to accompany us on our colorless journey through the brine, not to become more complete but to find complacency and validation in the unfulfilling nature of others.

We do not strive. We do not desire change. The hive mind, the zyte gyste, wants nothing more than to lie stagnant; to remain motionless and unhappy in the malice that surrounds us.

The dream world that we have created for our children is a lie; a fallacy that we wish to watch come into fruition but for some unknown reason our eyes remain closed.

Tragedy upon us sits every day and for these reasons I must break free. Not for myself but for them. Because I know that I can be greater without the noise. I know  that these things I want for myself and for my future will destroy whatever expectations they think that they have set for our world.

I will not find happiness in the dull and emotionless communities that surround me. I will be complete alone, and I will find purity in such a solace.

I will create change in the world around me because without such a change this world will only progress backwards.

And I will fall forwards, everyday of my life until I finally reach something that will bring pride to us all. Individually, and forever.