"Man in Newsboy Hat" 16x20 acrylic on canvas

"Mother and Child" 7x10 charcoal on paper

"The Librarian" 9x12 graphite pencil on paper

"Edvard Munch" 8.5x11 pen and ink on paper

Matthew McDade's the name. I do what I feel. What I feel like doing is what I was born to do- it's my own style. I don't adhere to what other artists online are up to. I'm here for the gusto. Let me give it to you in every medium I can. I paint when I'm not drawing. I watch movies and make pizzas when I'm doing neither.

I want to give the art world the style I was honestly gifted with. I've hated that gift in the past. And I'm not the man now by any means, but I do feel that I have something unique to offer, and I know the supernatural is on my side to help me take it as far as humanly possible...

I hope to be a recognizable artist to all artists and other people, the world over, as an end goal someday. Who knows when that will be? I'm just here in the moment, and I love the ride.